Hi, my name is Iva and this is ¡APPROVED!, soon to become a complete replacement for my previous fanlistings' collective, LOVE. Until then, my joined fanlistings are here, so are the affiliates.

I've been running fanlistings ever since I was a teenager, and I'm 27 now. In the meantime, I went from a bedroom web 1.0 hack to a professional web designer with a couple of huge and well-paid jobs scored in the past decade. At some point, while messing with WordPress' multisite feature, I managed to screw up LOVE and I was somewhat surprised about how many trouble emails I got in only a couple of days, I even had one FL removed before I could even react. I realised that it could be because everyone wants to run FLs for squirrels, green and peace and because I was always known as an avid "hater" most TV shows and associated "ships" and "pairings"; but what they didn't know is how much my life and perspective have changed in the meantime.

Then I thought I'd come back. The teenager in me is still remembering being 19, surfing the web on dial up to read about Formula 1 and going gaga whenever I'd get approved. And back then, the word gaga had nothing to do with a creepy all-seeing-eye pop singer, mind you. Also, through fanlistings, I met one of my closest real-life friends, as well as one of my absolutely favourite Internet friends - Mira and Cristina. In fact, back in February 2005, we took some photos at the McDonald's here in Belgrade and told everyone we had The first fanlistings meet-up, ever. I am not sure if we really were the first, but I like to hope we were.

I am not sure what will become of ¡APPROVED!, and how long does this somewhat anachrone concept has to go, but let's enjoy its second walk down the street of fame.

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